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Osteopathic Medicine
This is a highly effective hands-on treatment that restores mobility, flexibility and balance to the body, relieving pain and improving overall health.

Using a variety of gentle, non-invasive techniques and the careful, specific application of a highly developed sense of touch, the Osteopath diagnoses and treats a wide range of structural/mechanical problems, as well as emotional/somatic disturbances. 

No machines or synthetic drugs are used.

Cranial Osteopathy is a refined, subtle specialty of Osteopathy.

By encouraging the release of stresses and tensions throughout the head and body, it is an extremely safe, gentle, and painless, yet especially effective treatment for all age groups from babies and children to pregnant/nursing mothers, adults, as well as the elderly.

It is highly-effective in a wide range of health, mobility and stress-related issues and can be used, as well, to treat a variety of special needs.

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Ian Wright osteopath Jerusalem
Ian Wright osteopath Jerusalem
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