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These are people I have helped, that would like to share their story...

Improvements of hand and arm function, in 24 year old man with cerebral palsy after Cranial Osteopathy treatments.

Patient suffering 4-5months from pain in lower back,sacro-iliac joints,and all down left leg,knee to the foot. She had difficulty flexing her right hip,and restrictions and limitations of movement.
Sara was Pain Free by 5th Treatment, with full range of movement.
Sara contributed to the success of her recovery by co-operating fully with implementation of the re-education of new postural habits.
Long term benefits are derived from continuing the new habits,and regular Osteopathic care and maintenance.

Pain and Restriction of Cervical rotation alleviated in one Osteopathic Treatment.

Tami,Mother of Nadav aged 24 - Disc surgery prevented by Osteopathic treatment

24 year old NADAV was suffering from back problems since the age of 15 and was booked for surgery. 3 weeks before his appointment,he came to Ian, Osteopath, for 6 treatments. On the day of the surgical appointment, the surgeon sent him home, saying he no longer needed the operation!

Surgery Avoided....!

2nd February 2011
After many visits to physiotherapists, back surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, my husband,Ron, who was suffering from severe back pains was recommended seeing Ian Wright, an Osteopath,and Cranial Osteopath, who's outlook to life is based on his own life story.
Ron came to Ian after taking volteren injections, strong pain killers, and was unable to sit, breathe properly and of course, unable to work.After 5-6 weeks, in which Ian worked on the whole spine, ankles, hips and pelvis which enabled the neck to recover, Ron felt much less pain and was well on the road to a new lease on life.
After 8 sessions, he is totally free of pain and has been given the necessary steps for maintaining and preventing further back problems.Posture and eating habits have been seriously outlined by Ian, and have been highly effective.The personal, caring and professional treatment we received and are still receiving has been a unique experience.Ian explained in easy terms every step he took along the way to release a back that was tied up with years of tension and serious spinal problems.
With his expertise, his incredible knowledge and understanding of the body working together as a whole and with his theories of pain control and attitude, he trained Ron into body awareness and correct posture.We are so lucky and so thankful that we were guided to Ian, and we highly recommend him for full and successful treatments to restore health and better living.We are forever in his debt!An amazing and professional (and very funny) human being.
Brenda Dombey.

5th October 2011
To Whom it May Concern:
I am a 48-year-old mother of six children. One year ago, I suffered my third episode of severe pain in the shoulder and arm, with numbness and tingling all down my arm. The pain was so severe that I was unable to sleep or to make it through any part of my day without what had become an outrageous cocktail of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications that did not actually eliminate the pain completely but kept me in a state in which I didn’t really care! I was unable to work or to care for my family, and was sinking into a depression. X-rays showed a problem with my cervical vertebrae and a CT scan confirmed pressure on the nerve from my neck down my right arm.
I arrived at Ian Wright at the strong recommendation of a friend who felt that he would be the best practitioner to relieve my pain. This was after useless attempts to relieve my pain with physical therapy, and frustration with not finding the medical system adequate to address my needs.
Ian was immediately compassionate and very professionally and persistently used both his osteopathy and clinical therapy skills to help me overcome my pain. After my first appointment I felt some immediate relief, and by the end of 2 or 3 appointments was able to completely stop taking any painkillers or other medications. I continued to benefit from ongoing treatments and have returned for maintenance and “general upkeep”.
Aside from his complete devotion to a patient and his or her needs, Ian is uniquely committed to relieving not just physical distress but also the emotional distress that so often not just accompanies the physical pain but lies at its root.
He has been very thorough, very intuitive, and very gentle in helping me work out the stresses that contributed to my painful physical condition, and generous with his time in encouraging me to pursue better health. As a person who, himself, has struggled with debilitating and difficult medical and other crises he is able to share his own strength and conviction that others can overcome even very challenging medical, physical and emotional situations and circumstances.
I have recommended Ian to many people already, family included, and would certainly continue to do so whole-heartedly and without reservation.


16 September 2003
Dear Ian,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for treating me for the last 20 months. Your constant advice and treatment has changed my quality of life. I came to you with a sore back and extreme overweight.

Now I am without any back pain at all and I have lost 30 kilograms. My knees don't give me any trouble. Your professional treatment, nutritional advice and genuine caring, add up to a holistic treatment of your clients (meaning me).

Thanks again, with best wishes for the New Year,



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