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Ian Wright interviewed by Orna Datz, Reshet 13tv,

on the Benefits of Osteopathy

In many countries around the world, Osteopathy is considered a well-known and effective medical profession, with one in four students in medical schools in the United States, being an Osteopath. In England, Osteopathy has been practiced in medicine for over 120 years. In Israel until 2003, when an official School of Osteopathy was opened in Wingate, most of the Osteopaths in Israel were immigrants from abroad.

What is Osteopathy?

"Osteopathy is a popular and effective medical practice, which is widely used by professional football players, elite athletes, actors, and basically anyone who suffers from chronic pain or any other pain in general. We Osteopaths use our hands to detect changes in body structure, which cause pain or limitations, and with the help of various techniques, the pain and blockages that exist in the body are removed, and the body returns to full function, free of pain.

Like an expert mechanic for the body."


How did you get into Osteopathy?

"I broke my neck in 1989 in a sports accident. The doctors did not give me much chance to recover, but luckily I was referred to an Osteopath and returned to full function. After recovering, I saw that Osteopathy really helps people, and I decided to become an Osteopath to help people, as much as I've been helped by the profession. In 2000, I was paralysed again, and I had to undergo five and a half hours complicated neck surgery.

The emphasis is that Osteopathy before and after surgery, significantly increases the chance of success of the operation.

7 weeks after surgery, I made Aliyah to Israel.

Ian Wright Cranial Osteopathy Baby Treatment

What are the benefits of Osteopathy?

"There are countless benefits: First, it is performed only by our hands, without surgery, pills, injections and without the use of devices. 

In addition, most people focus on treating the symptoms, i.e. the pain, and do not address the cause of the problem. 

Osteopathy focuses on treating the cause of pain, at the root of the problem.

I had a patient who came to me with the help of crutches, when he was expected to undergo surgery three weeks later. In those three weeks, we did six treatments, and the patient followed the advice I gave him devoutly. When the time came for the surgery appointment, the surgeon examined him and said there was actually no need for surgery and sent him home!"


"Another case I had, was treating a 5 year old little girl with a hearing problem.

Before they resorted to a hearing aid, I did Cranial Osteopathic treatments for her skull. There was a nerve blockage in the area of ​​the ear, and with the help of the treatments, we released the blockage and the hearing problem improved, so that she did not need a hearing aid."

ian with kid_edited.jpg

What sets you apart as an Osteopath?

"Patients tell me, people can pay for care, but they can't pay someone to really care about them. I really care about my patients: I listen to people, and how their problems interfere with their daily functioning, and get them back to doing what they want to do again.

In addition, I give them extra support with tips for changing harmful habits and replacing them with beneficial habits, proper posture and movement, nutritional advice and more. I am also a Cranial Osteopath, I treat pregnant women during all months of pregnancy, and just before birth, we balance the pelvis and sacrum(tailbone), which helps with an easy and natural birth and of course,

much less traumatic for mother and baby.

I do not see this as a job, I got my life back thanks to Osteopathy, and for the last 30 years, the profession has been a passion and mission for me, to help people and get them back to the routine of life they desire.

It's very difficult for me to see people suffering unnecessarily, and with the help of Osteopathy, you don't have to suffer."

Dealing with problems that require Osteopathic treatment?

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